Plataforma RObótica Para INvestigAción (PROPINA)

Research areas:
Status: Finished
Type Project: Public_Local
Project leaders: Manuel Ocaña
Collaborators: Pastor Julio; Pedro Revenga; Noelia Hernández; Ángel Llamazares; Fernando Herranz; Carlos Fernández; Elena López; Ramón F. Flores; Eduardo Molinos; Jorge Pozuelo
Funded by: UAH
Funding: 6000.00 EUR
Proposed start date: 2012-03-01
Proposed end date: 2013-05-31
In this Project we have built a robotic research platform to develop high-level application using the robotics development platform Robot Operating System (ROS). It is a differential traction platform and it is equipped with odometry sensors and distance (ultrasonic and infrared). It is designed to work indoors. The embeded cards run ROS modules to control the motors and to perceive the information from sensors. In this way the perception is completely transparent to the remote control station. The modular design has been choosen to increase the functionality and autonomy. In addition, we designed a 3D model in Gazebo simulator that can be used as prior before designing the actual application.



Escuela Politecnica

Universidad de Alcalá

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Madrid, España

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